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“The Earth is a living being and the cosmos is a living thing. And we are the caretakers of our own small parcel, and of the greater good, from parsec to parsec, should providence enable us one day to plumb the depths of space and travel to its far reaches...
“God manifests himself in many forms! Darwin’s finches and Halley’s comet! Black holes, wormholes, termite holes, and holes-in-one! I rejoice in the plurality of mortals, humans and universes both. I celebrate our protons and neutrons which have for the most part held together for 14 billion years. All of us are very old men and women, indeed...
“When all is said and done we can say we knew where we were from. We know the plants around our homes and the stars above our heads. The earth’s rhythms are in our hearts and the music of the spheres in our souls. We are here, aware of Gaia, alive.”
--Arwin ("The Big God Network")
Arwin Chang is a character in the novel The Big God Network . He is a member of the Cosmogaian religion, which worships the cosmos and Gaia, and accepts scientific knowledge (indeed reveres the strangeness and beauty of modern cosmology and physics). It has some similarities with the Offworld cult, although few Cosmogaians believe in UFOs or alien interventions.
Cosmogaia is a global religion (some would say galactic), based in Pacifica, one of the post-American nations. To read more, see:
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The Brazilian Sound (Amazon Japan)

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James Lovelock, Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, Rachel Carson, Mother Earth

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Earth Day: Gaia Hazards from Biofuel

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The Offworld Journal

Now, I have often been at odds with Baba Ed Sanders, the guru of the Offworld religion. Frankly, I don’t believe in UFOs or alien interventions. But, that aside, the dude does dig the cosmos, as...
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Arwin the Cosmogaian in The Big God Network

"The Big God Network" is a novel that mixes science fiction with political satire and environmental awareness. It explores religion and spirituality, from Wiccan covens and Gaia worship to the worship...
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