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"What we have is not near as important as who we are"... Bonjour', I'm Mikey & thanx 4 checking out ourspace:) I'm 6'3", blue eyes, well built, dependable & affectionate, the kind of guy your sis would introduce u to... I'm a grad of SIU, C'dale, Il. & spent 3 years at Pepperdine, Malibu, Ca. I've lived in Lake Tahoe & 1000 Oaks, Ca. fifteen yrs. & have moved to the Heartland 4 now to be with my family... I am a photographer & travel both 4 work & play. I luv animals & have a australian cattle dog named Molly B. who travels with me on road trips. I also have three cats, Thomas Boi, and Harry & Sally who own me,hehe. I enjoy boating, water & snowskiing, motorcycling, beaches, mountains, sunsets & rises, hiking, travelcruises & enjoy cooking & sports in & outdoors. I'm playful, sensual, luv music, Napa wines etc., keep myself fit, & maintain cool friendships throughout the USA. I believe to have friends u have to be 1 first. While living in Calli I had the opportunity to photograph many musicians & celebs including fun experiences of course, & currently am writing/publishing a photo coffee table journal while enjoying a more resolved time with family & friends here in our tri-states. I do hope to make some new friends especially photogs, models & musicians via myspace so until then...We R Rockin' In The USA~LOL,XOMikey&Molly^_^PS... Sexy is the thing we try to get them to see us as after we win them over with our personalities,haha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your invited 1 & all 'cause if a pic is worth a 1000 words then we've got about a zillion to share with u! We shall endeavor to set up a photo gallery of candid pics & streamers (sound is good!) from our library of 100K digital pics & videos~a homemade photocafe including several rock musicians & celebs whom we've tried to capture in their aura as genuine American Icons. In the true CalWestPhotography fashion "Stills In Motion", it is our hope that u might venture into many national parks, city landscapes, & out of the way places... In the interim we look forward to reliving those fun moments as we reproduce them into cyberspace & hope you will share a few of your own pics & fun "moments" with us... We'll end 4 now with our fave saying "Take Only Photographs~Leave Only Footprints"... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Much Regards & Write Soon!Craig~Breena~Christy~Corina~Kenny~Kristi~Brian~Mark& ;Renee'~Paula~Christi&Scott~Jessica~Rhonda2~Jerry~TahoeT ina~Bo&Drake~Roxie~Marley~Hunter~Linda&Tommy~John~Ma rtina~Saul&Edie~Tony~Ashlee'~GiGi~TahoePaul&Tom& Alex~Crystal~Deb~Katrina~Gayle~Clayton~Jared~Sunny~Evone'~Mi chele'~Debby~Deb~Mom&Dad~Sis~Bryce~Brock~Gabe~Jimmy~Jeff &Donna~Thomas~Harry&Sally~TinaMichelle~Farrah~Ryan~F rancie~Amber~Frank&Sierra~Dellon~Mikey&Molly, and a cast of 100's:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Who We Would Like To Meet: Other photogs, models, musicians, & creative people with similar interests:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Vino" is living proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy. . . Benjamin Franklin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PS. Please note that some pics & streams lesser~resolution is due to them being shot via email or vhs/tv repro prior digital revolution~yet we feel worthy of ourspace:) "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" ~Ralph Waldo Emmerson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Seems myspace slideshows work part time, but keep trying bcoz we luv you:)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Amber, Nee', Mikey, Frank & Sierra~SunFun On Lake Barkley:)Rock On!
..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Barkley Lake Sunset~Amber,Nee',Mikey Oct20,'07Whoya!
Add to My Profile | More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IMAGINATION~It's All You Need To Dream! Todd Eldredge, USA & World Ice Skating Champion opens STARS on ICE @ The GEC in Music City USA...Let Me Entertain You #1
..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Corina & Mikey hike to Nevada Falls~"standing on higher ground" above Yosemite Valley, Cali USACorina&MikeyHike2TopOfNevadaFalls
Add to My Profile | More Videos~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Come enjoy the 6' deep Lake Tahoe Snow~Renee' & Mikey play their electric ice sickles,hahaNee'&Mikey Enjoy Tahoe's 6' Snow
Add to My Profile | More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The One & Only "DR" Kentucky's Finest Bourban!DRKentucky'sFinestBourban
Add to My Profile | More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mikey & Corina @ Tahoe's Eagle Falls & San Fran's Golden Gate Park:)Mikey&Corina@EagleFalls&GoldenGatePark
Add to My Profile | More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lets sip sum Napa wine together "In Vino Veritas" Gayle&Mikey@NapaValleyWinery
Add to My Profile | More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gayle & Mikey hike to & through Groto Falls @ The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, nice arrow heads bebe:) Groto Falls@Smoky Mtns National Park
.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Fave Nashville's Musica Statue:)MusicCity'sMusicaStatue
Add to My Profile | More Videos~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Fave Nashville Aquarium Restaurant~Fish for everyone! Nashville's Aquarium Restaurant
Add to My Profile | More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Piscah Bay Full Moon by Marco, Gabe, Jimbo, Nee' & Mikey;) PiscahBayFullMoon
Add to My Profile | More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mitchell Dellons Artshow @ The Pine Cone Art Gallery:) Dellon'sArtShow
Add to My Profile | More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Kentucky to Illinois to Missouri "Mississippi River" floodwall cruise:)~bymm&tmo'07 Tina&MikeyPeaceBe2You!2469
Add to My Profile | More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Mikey@LakeBarkley"~b yrenee'08

My Interests

"To be nothing but yourself in a world which is trying night and day to make you everyone else, is to fight the hardest battle you'll ever have to fight, but don't stop fighting! And when life throws you a curve ball, just dance as if no one is watching!" *Mikey&Molly'07 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Peace'07 from the Pacific Ocean @ Monterey, Cali~Mikey sends his L~O~V~E to you always & all ways;)..
Animated_Handwriting by 2007 Photo Tour of Pepperdine University~Malibu Summer Camp and photos of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Magic Mountain, Disneyland, PCH just for good measure,whoya isaagmc!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'd like to meet:

Other photogs, models, musicians, & creative people with similar interests:)..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mikey's 08 Pic Cube
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our slideshows work part time around here sumtimes, but keep trying bcoz we luv you:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Renee's Resort Is Rockin' In The USA!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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You have steel blue eyes. Like the color of Lake Tahoe water. Your eyes symbolize your great flexibility. You are a creative person. You can think of many good ways to get your point across to people as you have very good communication abilities. When someone feels down or is hurt, you have the remarkable ability to help them and heal them. If you have too little going on in your life, you may be withdrawn and depressed, timid, or suspicious. Some words to describe you: peaceful, sincere, affectionate, tranquil, intuitive, trustworthy, pure, loyal, healing, and stable. Rock On!


We Would Like To Meet: Other photogs, models, musicians, & creative people with similar interests:)img src = img


Sooo Many, So Little Time... Wot's the latest buzz?Until then check out our Photo Flipbook just for you:) ..



"Ansel Adams" (1902-1984) Mikey must accomplish more b/w technique photography in 2008,whoya! Y'all Come Visit! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ms Pamela Anderson performs @ the Pepperdine University baseball field just like any Malibu celeb will any given day, such a deal;) and sumbody's got to do it,hehe... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks Michael & Michelle... Hosts: Curtis, Colleen, Akiba, Travis, Tara.... the Whole Crew @ KMTN-TV, you are the best friends to have @ The Lake In The Sky! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Down The Barrel" ~ Winner of the 2007 Surfer Poll award for Best Cinematography, fantastic journey S, M, P,& K! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DOWN THE BARREL Trailer Oct 07
Add to My Profile | More Videos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "MikeyPuppyDoubleX"~bymm'08 *Sadie Rules*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Monarch Butterfly"~bymm'07 *@ Kentucky Lake, the largest manmade lake in North America with 3,200 miles of shoreline! We'll leave the porchlight on for you!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "MikeyCamMan"~bytmo'07 *Have Cam-Will Travel*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "KentuckyWild Horses"~bymm'08 *Derby Time rocks the USA!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Peace&Love"~bymm'07 *Via one our "Always & all ways" bestest friend over 20 year's without an arguement~Ms Tina Michelle' (must be sum kind of record)*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Shalaxin'"~bymm'07 *@ Birmingham Ferry Bay, Kentucky Lake, y'all come visit!.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "MapleLeaf"~bymm'07 *Tina & Mikey Rock On!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "ClamShell"~bymm'07 *Tina & Mikey Enjoy OurTime USA*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "1stCollage"~bymm'97 *Tina Michelle's first photogop collage '97*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "TinaCamGurl"~bymm'07 *@ Piscah Bay, KY Lake '07*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Peace&Out"~bymm'07 *Peace and Love from World Photo Cafe!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Oakland Bay Bridge"~bymm'07 *No Earthquakes Please & Thank You!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Trina Does Masks"~bymm'07 *Trina does lot's more then masks*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Sting"~bymm'84 *The Police @ Hollywood Park and then Sum!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Sammy Hager"~bymm'94 *Long Beach Convention Center, but i can't drive 55!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Steve Perry & Journey"~bymm'83 *US Fest~San Bernardino, Cali, and then Sum*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Molly Singing"~mm'07 *Molly B. Rock!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Olivia&Sadie"~bymm'07 *Olivia Rocks Nashville*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Gulf Shores Gulls"~bymm'06 *Gulf Shores, Alabama Rocks!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Pacific Coast Stroll"~bymm'04 *Monterey, Cali PCH Rocks!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Tennessee Horse Sunrise"~bymm'07 *Nashville/Music City USA Rocks!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Kentucky Deer"~bymm'08 *Barkley Lake Rocks!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Mikey tradin' spit with Mona Lisa"~bymm'97 *SS6969 Cam Self Timers Rock!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Angie&Mikey"bymm'06 *Mikey's self-timer rocks!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Loraine"~bymm'96 *1000 Oaks's Finest CowGurl!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Ashlee'"~bymm'04 *South Lake Tahoe's Finest Rocker!*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Mick Jagger"~bymm'79 *60k Fans HardRock Anaheim's Cali Angels Stadium*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Nevada Falls"~bymm'84 *Standing On Higher Ground @ Yosemite*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~IMAGINATION~It's all you need to accomplish anything you want to do,whoya!..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to our WPC backyard swim parti', hot fun in the Heartland:)~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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