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Toki Wartooth

He blow he brains in

About Me

Wats ams iys supost to says? Iysam Tokis ans wel.?. oh wels,... iys am nogoods at dis. iys gotta take a fu@king nap..

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My Interests

Makesing Moadels, Losts ands Losts of Guiels, Vedeo games, Singings wis fishies, My axe (Flying V)

I'd like to meet:

Oh's boyes! Whos can iy meat?!!Anyones iy wat to? Umms ok iys wouds likes to sees my fat ass son agens ands giv hims a hamboiger ans maby umms. ummmss.... naked layties? lots?


Dethklok, (Old) Metallica, Pantera, Snakes n Barrels, Black Sabbath, Vagina Dildos, Pocket Dogma, Meat Fart, B.J' Espresso, Green Jelly, Planet Piss, Slayer, Behemoth, Fishtank, Blackwall, Chewghost, ArmoredApple, Tarman, Masters of War, Sour Culture, Insaniac, BeamTreddle, Lofty Pinnacles w/Friendly Bannister, Teabot, Venttrixter,Shutterfiend, Maggotfeast, Skeeter, Saguom, Mushugga, Burzum, Siebenburgen, Agathocrylyxdaimonesgaar, 1349, a gruesome find, abigail, aborym, absu, ajattara, akrival, anaal nathrakh, ancient, and oceans, anorexia norvosa, antaeus, anubi, aquilus, arckanum, ashen light, asmegin, astriaal, auzhia, bathory, beatrik, behemoth, beherit, behexen, belphagor, bestial warlust, black altar, black funeral, blood red throne, bloodshed divine, bloodthorn, blut aus nord, borknagar, burzum, carpathian forest, catamenia, celeano, celtic frost, children of maani, christ agony, crimson moon, dark funeral, darkthrone, dawn, deathspell omega, deathsquadron, demogorgon, demon sword, diabloical masquerade, dissection, domini inferi, dragonlord, drudkh,eternal majesty, emperor, enthroned,exhumed, exhorder, epheles, finntroll, flammentod, forgotten tomb, frost, frozen shadows, fullmoon rise, funeral winds, furia, gestapo 666, gestapo SS, goatriech 666, goatwhore, gorgoroth, grand belials key, graveland, graveworm, grom, haatstrijd, hades, hate forest, heretic, holocaustia, horna, immortal, impaled nazarene, impaled northern moonforest, impiety, infernal war, isenguard, ishtar, judas iscariot, king diamond, klage, krieg, kriegsmaschine, kristalnaucht, kult ov azazel, laex kneexar, leviathan, limbonic art, ljaa, loits, lord wind, lurker of chalice, lux oculta, marduk, mayhem,mercyful fate, mezzerschmit, moon, moonblood, moon tower, morgoth, morrigan, mutiilation, naglfar, nargaroth,nattefrost, nazgul, necromantia, negura bunget, nokturnal mortum, old wainds, ohtar, odium, old mans child, pagan winter, pagan fire, permafrost, ragnarok, rethaf ruo, rotting christ, rutthna, sacramentum, sameal, satanic warmaster, satans almighty penis, satyuricon, setherial, silent forest, spear of longinus, stiny plamenu, suidakra, summoning, svafnir, szron, taakeheimen, tha-nor, the black plague, the elysian fields, the kristet untseende, the lord diabolus, thunderbolt, trollskogen, twilight, urfaust, ungod, ulver, uruk hai, varathron, venom, vermeth, vesania, vidsyn, vlad tepes, von, vpaahsalbrox, waffen ss, war 88, warcry, watain, wehrmacht, weltmacht, wolfen society, wolfnacht, wolfsshanze, wolven howl, woods of belial, woods of ypres, xasthur, zyklon, zkklon-b, zephyrous. Apocalyptica, Enochian Crescent,Ved Buens Ende, Carpathian Forest, Nargaroth,Immortal, Amon Amarth, My Dying Bride, Nattefrost, Cannibal Corpse, El John, The Woodsmen, Depot Rot, The Needknows, Grand Dreyers, C.S.S., White People, Flak Krisp, Brad Brooksley, Chill Chamber, Joint X, Clearflection Council, Dragon Piss, Eyes of Blood, Dred, Denis Vlachiotis


Ahh Somethings wis losts andsLots afs Action and nakked laytes!!!


Iys relly liks cartunes


Cants reeds music, buts i likes Coolering Books