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I'm proud to be the shepherd of this herd of sharks

About Me

I plan to one day be completely fluent in Hopelandic.

My Interests

the los angeles angels of anaheim, bicycles, drums, movies, shows, white 2004 nissan frontier king cabs, theme parks, drinking, jazz and java (RIP), the metrolink, cryptozoology, geography, anthropology, nonsensical writing, punk, metal, jazz, electronic/IDM, 60s and 70s soul and funk, folk, old timey country, hip-hop that actually says something, fake moustaches, padla te kakaya, long and directionless drives, israel (tel aviv and haifa specifically), being sketchy, the word "sketchy" in general, terrible horror movies, disneyland (yeah i said it), hating the inland empire and wishing nothing but death upon it, the entire los angeles mass transit system, san diego, rosarito beach, salt creek, veggie era, chico's, offensive t-shirts, procrastination, tabouli, etc. etc. etc.


Tom Waits and the Pulp Fiction soundtrack have been dominating as of late.


paradise now, 48 hrs., 3-iron, shark attack 3: megalodon, escape from new york, the fog, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, return of the living dead, a guide to recognizing your saints, brick, anchorman, the sea inside, bad education, nobody knows, blacula, black caesar, hell up in harlem, foxy brown, coffy, black mama white mama, jackie brown, pulp fiction, suspiria, american beauty, stripes, reservoir dogs, grindhouse, 28 days/weeks later, baseketball, shaun of the dead, grandma's boy, prince of darkness, re-animator, scanners, the departed, munich, children of men, lethal weapon 1-4, night of the living dead, night of the hunter, metropolis, ghostbusters, trading places, beverly hills cop 1 and 2, coming to america, shaolin soccer, any steven seagal movie that you can smoke pot and laugh to.


Camus, Dostoyevsky, Motley Crue.


My Blog

Tony Diamond: Portrait of a Man -- UPDATED!!!

 I wrote this 'profile' of a 'friend of mine' for Journalism class. It's pretty long, so if you're a retard who thinks reading is for nerds, I suggest you click the back button. But for...
Posted by Punch In The Face McGee on Sun, 24 Sep 2006 07:17:00 PST