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Read my blog or i will fucking stab you with a hobo knife, and that shit is not pretty. oh and hey, my name is sheldon, i'm 22, and i'm an alchoholic, it's fun you should try it. i like to do stuff like play a geetar and throw stuff at people, i am fun so add me. i have tattoos, i love tattoos very much, so much in fact that i will be a tattoo artist one day, i have done 95% of my own tattoos.....on myself. and i plan to do more. i smoke, i drink, and i love hanging out with friends. The way i see it the only true experience you get is from meeting new people and being relativly open minded. I say and do and wear what i want when i want because it's my right. I listen to whatever music i like, if i don't like something i won't listen to it. I just wanna rock man what more can i say? and just to give you a heads up don't drink have sex in it.

My Interests

guitar, and movies and shit......oh and tattoos. and booze, i also enjoy playing spin the bottle all by myself! it's difficult but rewarding.

I'd like to meet:

nofx, heath ledger (ya he's dead, guess i'll be waiting awhile) chapel of theives, and that guy that does that stuff


a wide variety, marilyn manson, bob dylan, led zeppelin, nofx, rancid, rammstein, barenaked ladies, kataklysm, ac/dc, against me, muddy waters, bb king, stray cats, cherry poppin daddies, chuck berry, lamb of god, cradle of filth, dimmu borgir, dropkick murphy's, mdc, kansas, oasis, our lady peace, savage garden (lol don't know why), system of a down, tenacious d, the weakerthans, the tragically hip, jack johnson, the misfits, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, johnny cash, angry samoans, no doubt(the old stuff), the ramones, reel big fish, mad caddies, fear, fergie lmao, umm and a whole bunch of other shit.


star wars (all of em), lord of the rings, die hard, resident evil(all of em), curious geaorge, blow, pirates of the carribean, 3:10 to yuma, american gangster, hardcore logo, dark days, people under the stairs, borat, the ninja turtles, the omen, the exorcist, the exorcist the beginning, the exorcism of emily rose, amityville horror, the number 23, 1408, team america world police, grandmas boy, waiting, good luck chuck, snatch, hitch, i robot, ff7 advent children, dogma, old school, freedom writers, bowling for columbine, ghost busters, spiderman, silence of the lambs, red dragon, hannibal, hannibal rising, helter skelter, walk the line, dodge ball, the chronicles of riddick, batman begins, the pick of destiny, half baked, little nicky, ocean's 11 12 13, the bourne movies, and there are way too many more


i hate television


helter skelter, clockwork orange, anything on mentalism, anything on art or photography, dude, where's my country, cookbooks lol, any of the star wars novels, does guitar tab count?


me that's about it.......... and this guy.... this guy is badass...he even says so

My Blog

ze banged

studio time is pushed back for a bit, as i have no money lmfao
Posted by Sheldon on Wed, 21 May 2008 04:56:00 PST


the band myspace is now up, you can request an add if you like but there is currently no music uploaded, i think i may do some acoustic stuff for it for now We will see
Posted by Sheldon on Fri, 25 Apr 2008 06:32:00 PST

andy amaretto

hey peeps well it's official, we go into the studio in about 3 weeks time, the album will be a small ep featuring i'm thinkin about 5 or 6 songs,  The album is named a muse behind the madness.&nb...
Posted by Sheldon on Fri, 25 Apr 2008 04:52:00 PST

let the awesomeness begin

hey everyone, well it's about fuckin time.  My band andy amaretto will soon have a debut album, i would imagine in maybe another month the recordings will be done. Pretty damn excited.  And ...
Posted by Sheldon on Wed, 23 Apr 2008 08:29:00 PST

follow up to the letter on racism, if you want to know what happened plz feel free to read

Hello friends, for those who truly care to know my story this is a follow up to the letter I recently put on my blog. About 6 years ago in my school’s cafeteria I was hanging out with some guys...
Posted by Sheldon on Sat, 05 Apr 2008 05:07:00 PST

read and you will see

TO THE THOSE IT WILL NOT CONCERN:   I have lived for many years. Not as many as some, but some may say that I have lived longer than others. At a ripe young age I have seen more than most. Certa...
Posted by Sheldon on Fri, 04 Apr 2008 12:02:00 PST