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I am here for Friends and Networking

About Me

Currently living back in New Zealand after living overseas in Australia and Japan for 5 years..Have recently moved back to Auckland to do a make-up artistry course,have a wonderful & beautiful 5 year old daughter pride joy!! Would like to see more of the world..(:

My Interests

Snowboarding ( although still finding it hard to stay upright... ;), travelling, history & cultures,music, outdoors, drawing and painting, spending time with friends family

I'd like to meet:

Fidel Castro
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Dance..Dance..Dance!!!!....LOVE all music...( almost ) is a source of great happiness!!


Pulp fiction, 8 mile, sixth sense, traffic, NIGHT AT THE ROCKBURYS!!..kill bill 1&2, pulp fiction, the notebook


Bro Town..funny..desperate housewives.. cheesy reality shows..etc etc


Memoirs of a geisha


All my real,non-insecure,unpretentious..yet soooo beautiful you all xoxox