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Music, red wine, music, boing boing, water, music, my family, music, bodytards, music, leggings, music, music, music, Zappers, music, vinyl, vinyl, Music, Jesus, music, music, shoes, music, music, being a ham, music, Pilates, music, making faces, music, Pilates, music, rolling in the warm grass, music, smelling my legs after a warm day, music, sweat lodges, music, drinking, music, carrying drunk friends, music, loosing friends, music, music, music, being cool is important, music, music, actually, I'm kidding, I'm the opposite of cool, music, music, my apartment, music, don't like to make assumptions, music, music, music, my cats, music, wrestling my girlfriends, music, doing front flips, music, music, practicing back flips, music, music, no real animosity, just don't need you cause you don't need me, music, music, music, taking jacuzzi baths at home, music, music, symbiosis, music, music, music, listening to bad music and creating dance routines to perform while sharing these little gems with friends, music, not good at updating myspace, music, my family, I am a rock and am never changing or moving except when drunk, music, water, music, my family, music, I broke my baby, music, music, music, dressing up with my family, music, music, music, grandma clothes and old hairdos, music and music, being naked, music, music, awesome kicks, mom jeans, music, face drugs are boring, music, mystery bags of stuff aren't boring, music, music, music, music, Anything to do with 80s soul, music, music, I love bums, music, music, music, I like friendly dogs, music, music, wet kisses on the cheek and real nice tongue kisses, music, No likey fakesters, sorry, music, Womack and Womack, music, music, Don't like Haters either, music, Prince, music, music, smelling the inside of my nose and septum piercings, music, music, crying in front of the mirror, music music and music. Oh, I like Art too, but I don't get it! I just like the colors and the nudity in some of it. Actually, I love nudity, just not on myspace because you get banned for that shit.Favorite quote: Vous êtes un homme d'humeur changeante n'est-ce pas, mais j'ai cru que vous m'aimiez. Mon amour, mon amour, Tokyo!

My Interests

MUSIC, DJing, audio gear (80s drums machines especially). MACs, food, photography, audio engineering/editing, porn, especially bad porn because it's a great inspiration for electro beats, rest & relaxation, body art, travel, movies, French language anything, despite the many self-self-masturbating dialogue I must endure in some of the movies. I also love Jesus. Jesus is really cool! You know him? Hook this girl up!

I'd like to meet:

Jesus Christ, Son of Our Lord and Saviour. I also want to meet the crazy Angels who scream vengeance in the name of God and unleash His wrath, fuck shit up on this here Earth. I'm not sure if Jesus is cool with that, so I'll ask him once I meet him, probably over homemade a Chai and a meat and potatoes Canadiana mash-up meal.I really want to meet Bhagavan Das, Chuck D, Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Josephine Baker and Frantz Fanon. My to-do, to-meet list is very free from the living and the dead worlds we chose to separate. Haha, got ya! I could sense you getting all scared and shit, thinking to yourself, man, this chick is going to need some professional help. Well, no, I just like to dream. You should try it sometime.I'd love to meet all of my MySpace friends in a costume ball where the center piece is a chocolate co-ed wrestling ring and where you get a shot of Fireball b4 entering the stage. Yummy, in my tummy and fire in my belly! I would be so happy,then! Really I would, even if one of you guys defeated me.


Everything xcept New Country, Happy hardcore and Death Metal, I tried, I failed.I spin Punk, House, Electro-Clash, Electro, Hip Hop, Techno, Bossa Nova, Dancehall, Rockabilly, 80s cock-rock and other Retro fun stuff. As we speak, I'm feeling: Stereo Total, Jay-Jay Johanson, Dr. Dog, Death Cab for Cutie, Cat Power, Joanna Newsom, Cibo Matto, Vikter Duplaix, Mirah, Momus, The Blow, Kate Bush, Stevie Wonder, ODB, Junior Boys, Nouvelle Vague, Britney (OK, only Toxic), Otis Redding, Ron Sexsmith, Tortured Soul, Akon, Chrisette Michelle, Peven Everett, The Moore Brothers, Nanette Workman, Raphael Saadiq, Kings of Tomorrow, Taylor Savvy, The Cure, Bad Brains, Goodie Mob's older stuff, The Ventures, Eric's Trip, Al Tuck & No Action, Womack and Womack, Erlend Oye and The Whitest Boy Alive, Swayzak and Spacek, The Selector and The Beat. Oh, and MTUME! I also enjoy Hot Chip, Kimya Dawson, The Finches, Shout Out Out Out, Broadcast, Dengue Fever and and CocoRosie!!! For all you synth-influenced Djs, please revisiting Alexkid's remix of Phonique's For the Time being because, well, just because it's is amazing. If you haven't already done so, pick up Baby Boy Da Prince's 'This is the way I live'. Lately, I'm obsessed with 80s soul, Al Tuck & no Action (Yes see my list of friends, you won't regret it!) Yeah Yeah (music genre, not the band, although I feel you Yeah Yeah Yeahs, lots of love!) Harry Belafonte (as an artist and virtuoso), Elizabeth Cotten because I sounds like her, and sometime soon you'll hear me and be right confused, Womack and Womack, The Vibrants, Animal Collective, the Dirty Projectors, Mason Jennings, Taana Garner, Memphis Minnie, Mississipi John Hurt, Eek-A-Mouse, Barrington Levy, The Ventures, Howlin' Wolf, Lilian Miller and and Blackstar. I've also enjoyed and will be enjoying lots of other bands, but as I'm writing this, I am aware that most of yous are already confused, and maybe a little turned off, so I'll end here.


Brother (T. Kitano), A ma soeur (FAT GIRL), Saved, Perfect Blue, Ninja Scroll, Old Boy, Assault on Precinct 13 (original film), Taxi Driver, Amores Perros, La Vie Est Belle (Vive la Rébublique du Congo qui n'existe plus!), Apocalypto because I had the best night viewing the end of it with a dear driend, The Goonies, Bad Education, Desperate Teenage Love Dolls, Potluck (Hightimes), Say Anything, Le Destin Fabuleux d'Amélie Poulain, La cage aux Folles, Une très jeune fille, Heavy Traffic, Welcome to the Doll House, Friday, Not Another Teen Movie, Airplane, Human Traffic, The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, But I'm a Cheerleader, Kamikaze Girls, Battle Royale, Le Professionel, Usual Suspects, Short Bus, Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill, To Sir, with Love, Nacho Libre, Mod Fuck Explosion, The Host, Pootie Thang, Mississipi Masala (don't make fun, ok!) and the list goes on and on. I love movies!


The Boondocks, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Heroes, Next, My supersweet 16!, The Cosby Show, DAys of Our Lives, The Office (british mini-series), The Mighty Boosh, The Flight of the Condors, Bromwell High, Heroes, and yes, Heroes! Um, I have a great life so I can't watch all of these regularly so don't ask for my thoughts on any last episode except for Heroes!


Michel Tremblay's Chronicles of Plateau Mont Royal.


Le Baker et la Revue Nègre.

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Happy Hanukwanzmas!

Just wanted to share some of the things I learned this year: 1. Let go of the past, it's gone 2. Be yourself, real friends appreciate this 3. Do not expect anything from anyone, ever 4. Know your pri...
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Yo fuck these breakdowns!!!

Hi,I know harsh title, but fucking Hell. I was just logging off myspace and came across this advert on what type of hair colour you had and how it ruled your love life, what chance you had at love. Ab...
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Toronto residents, let's rumble tonight!

Let's rumble people!
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How do you deafeat the blues?

Hi there, I write this shit (blogs) for work, and am not motivated about doing this for myself on this here myspace. Yes, I am a discussion board moderator and am paid for it, so here's why this page ...
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