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Axis Body Modification Studio offers a new, state of the art piercing facility. Our studio is designed with a seperate piercing room to offer client's complete privacy during each piercing session. Every procedure is done by a trained professional in an sanitary environment. Sterile technique and single use needles are always used.
Our piercers have years of experience and stay up-to-date on technique, jewelry style and designs, aftercare and safety standards. The staff maintains certificaton in CPR, First Aid and the American Red Cross Blood Borne Pathogen course to offer client's the safest piercing experiance possible.
We carry only the highest quality of jewelry. Check out our pictures to get a better look. Our extensive selection includes (Implant Grade) 316LVM Surgical Stainless Steal, Titainium, Niobium, Yellow and White 14K Gold, Platinum, precious and semi-precious gem stones, glass, acrylic and organic materials such as water buffalo horn, fossilized walrus and mammoth tusk, jade, amber, stone, bamboo, bone, a variety of hard wood's and coconut.
A wide variety of services are available at Axis Body Modification Studio. Our friendly and knowledgable staff invite any questions you might have about piercing. Please feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call!

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Surface Piercing by Alex LevineEyebrow Piercings by Alex LevineIndustrial Piercing by Alex Levine

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People interested in getting pierced by professionals.


Helix Dermal Punch by Alex Levine


Anti-Eyebrow by Alex Levine


Tongue Piercing by Alex Levine


Lobe Stretch

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Fundraising for a cure

Hello, A very dear friend and family member of our's has been diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. We have put together a small team of friends to participate in the Twin Cities 3rd a...
Posted by Axis Body Piercing on Tue, 10 Jun 2008 01:14:00 PST

Axis Aftercare

A X I S Body Modification Studio 714 Washington Ave SE Minneapolis, MN, 55414 612-379-4455 Open seven days a week from Noon - 10pm   Aftercare Suggestions        ...
Posted by Axis Body Piercing on Sat, 14 Jul 2007 07:16:00 PST

Parental Consent

Requirements for minor piercing with parental consent.   1. Must be at least 16 years of age.   2. Must be accompanied by a legal guardian, both minor and guardian need state or federal phot...
Posted by Axis Body Piercing on Sat, 14 Jul 2007 07:11:00 PST