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I am mostly here on myspace to network with a few ,friends .Guitarists , Drummers,Carlos Santana influenced musicians,perpetual hippies or other interesting peoples..... Currently Working on recording projects via Cubebase recording software and also working with other local artist live...Previously Guitarist for Southern Exposure..West Memphis & Final Journey..Pine Bluff...Also play congas,drums and other instruments...Have been in the background making other people sound good for a while and am coming into my own as an artist...Diverse by nature, I play latin or Funk when I want to see folks dance ,I play country and tell a story if I want folks to laugh, I play Blues when I'm going thru changes...Can be seen in Crossett(Tobys by willies oasis), Strong, Camden, Eureka Springs(Eureka Live club on occassion),Branson or wherever life takes me.... No set schedule yet..."But wherever I am ,I keeps it Real"..Nothing fake ever progresses or evolves..Mucho Thanks to my friends here on myspace for being so supportive..Peace.......I've worked as a Coast Guardsman... USCGC Basswood WLB-388 based out of Guam , Instructor at Goverment Island Alameda Ca. Mechanic at the dry dock at Naval station at Subic Bay/Olongapo City Phillipinnes ,Port security at Cebu City PI & also at Sand Island HI....Civilian life as a E.M.T ,mechanic ,O.T.R truck driver,part time musician & a Bail bondsman........ Thanks for looking..Feel free to contact especially about music or such..Gotta have that Funk Yall..Peace Oldschool

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Parliament Funkadelic,P-funk Allstars,Skynrd,Grand Funk Carlos,Jorge and Salvador Santana..Hendrix..AC/DC, Robby Krieger,Doors,.Jorge Bermudez...Luis Conte...Tito Puente.. Jaco Pastorious , Raul Rekow..Blueman Group, Black Oak Arkansas...Buddy Guy,Bob Dylan,Michelle Branch, Mike Burks,Gatemouth,Albert Collins.Chuck berry.KOKO Taylor.Uppitty Blues women,Jerry Reed,Chet Atkins, Roy Clark ,Allman Bros.,Neil Young ,Georgia Satellites, Al Green..Bill Withers..Ray Charles ,The Funk bros., Brothers Johnson,James Brown,P.O.D, Blackeyed peas..Jezz there must be millions of artist I like..That should be sufficent though


Scarface, Crash..Greenmile ..Ghost rider


Louisiana public broadcasting . , Discovery channel, daily show with john stewart,colbert report,meet the press c span,history channel, History channel


The Bible, Chiltons auto repair manual, some music books,Cajun Cooking books.Chinese Cantonese foods.


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Seek Not The answers to all creations mysteries......Know  the Creator of All , First and Foremost....The rest is easy ! Bill Gillum Nov. 9 2006
Posted by Gillum ,aka Pepper ,aka oldschool on Fri, 10 Nov 2006 09:10:00 PST