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I make books...traditional books as well as "books" that are more sculptural. I make prints...I etch and carve woodblocks. I paint, and weave, and make baskets and draw. I make alot of paper. I make paper out of bark and mushrooms and anything else that I can boil down and beat. I sew and embroider and knit and croquet. I read anything anyone puts in front of me and tend to underline it, even if it's the newspaper. I write...mostly prose and a few short stories. I cook and eat...mostly indian and thai food...I love spicy food. I water my many plants and feed my cats and drink tea. I hang out with my friends, watching exciting things or going to exciting shows or seeing exciting artwork or just getting a beer at the bar. I walk around and take things in and exist. I edited my profile with Thomas Myspace Editor V4.4 (

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My Interests

sewing paper, eating samosas, the secret of nimh, cat nip, american spirits, waterchest nuts, oil paint, motorhomes, skylines, action words, zombies, dust, raphia, phermones, sticks, clean laundry, whistling, peat moss, climbing trees, llamas, french words, velco, silly string, polly pocket, robin hood, hedge rows, mardi gras, manzanita trees, voodoo, capes, lucian freud, digging holes, the smell of fall, red vines, bagpipes, finding pretty things on the ground, bigfoot, yetti costumes, trickery.

I'd like to meet:

a heffalump, a woozle, a spaceman, a jockey, a train conductor, a fisherman, a trapeez artist, a pirate, an albino, a koala bear, a stampede, a cowboy, a ringleader, a town crier, a friar, a nomad and, of course, my maker.


alela diane, mariee sioux, gillian welch,the beach house, wreckless eric, ugly casanova, tom waits, bright black morning light, my brightest diamond, bonny billy, cocorosie, t rex, good funny fun stuff.


little miss sunshine, running with scissors, stranger than fiction, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, the science of sleep, withnail and i and scary movies. Really really scary movies. all scary movies. scary b-movies. I like scary movies.


six feet under, wonder falls, scrubs, big love, king of the hill, arrested development, dexter, the history channel, national geographic, the animal channel.


newspaper clippings, "the memory room" by mary rakow, "the time traveler's wife" & "the three incestuous sisters" by audrey niffenegger, "the birthing room" by ami mcKay, "the red tent" by anita diamant "the archivist" by martha cooley "magic for beginners" by kelly link the poerty of audre lorde, paul celan, charles bukowski and t.s. eliot


kiki smith, anselm kiefer, audrey niffenegger, william kentridge, doris salcedo, scherer and ouporov, henry darger, chris drury, marcel dzama, judith scott.

My Blog

the abyss

I am afraid of everything these days. Every little thing. I've become a person I don't recognize. I can feel my heart beating too fast or too loud against my chest. I can feel it trying to scrape its ...
Posted by alison on Sat, 04 Nov 2006 10:32:00 PST

From the Mix

And now I can't remember. It's been so long since last December. I'm still mighty; tiny, hoping that you'd be my little godsend, cause right now I'd take any. Before we find another noose to fit us. B...
Posted by alison on Mon, 07 Nov 2005 11:01:00 PST

Black Milk of Daybreak

These days are getting darker. Nights smell like fires. Days whip with cold wind. The earth is cold and getting colder. Pumpkins set on doorsteps. "There's a black wind blowing in the cotton fields, b...
Posted by alison on Sun, 30 Oct 2005 10:09:00 PST

Oakland beloved you slay me. i dearly miss this city and eagerly await my return. i hope it and all its inhabitants will welcome me back with open arms...if not, well, i'll adjust... i...
Posted by alison on Mon, 01 Jan 1900 12:00:00 PST