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wut up all yall, my name is Richie and I just graduated from Basic High School, home of the Wolves But anyways, I like to play basketball very much, trying to earn a scholarship for it, that is my first passion and always will be. My second passion is the piano, yea im tight on da keys son. I have a lot of friends, as well as a lot of hatas on me so I jus deal wit it because it makes me stronger. Although I didn't play basketball this year because of one class, i still got up outta that damn school so im very blessed for havin God on my side and loving family and friends that can help me through thick and thin. My family is Cory, the best friend anyone can ask for, Sean, the quickest guy ive ever played against and a crazy ass friend, Mike, the most laid back person of all, Terron, the most laziest person I have EVER met in my entire life, Chris, the person that talks the most shit, but will be the first one to be knocked out, nah jp, Dante, aka the hookup/diesel in training, Nicole, Cory's princess/wife, also a dear friend of mine that just will not go a day without caring about her friends, Travell, aka Melo/the otha man besides me, with all the bounce in his legs, Randall, by the way, Randall can sing his ass off, , Jamelle, never met a man that cannot do anything for a month and still hold it down on the hardwood, Brittany, good caring friend, wanna be cute, nah jp, D'Michael, the most irresponsible guy i've eva met, but i love him though,Otis, best friends since diaper days, Kyle, the court inspirer in my life as a friend and much more, Cori, tight as hell on da keys, taught me a lot about basketball and more importantly, the piano, the greatest in Vegas and one day, the best ever, Victor, 1-2 punch/armed and dangerous, The Purdie Twins,, the two young ladies that are like sisters to me, they are very important to me because they were two out of like 5 friends that helped me get through my senior year when things got rough, and for that, I love them dearly, Ms. Platt, the woman wit all the damn jokes in da world, aint no beatin her, and so many more if i forgot. so if anybody messes wit them, yall gotta go through me.Ashley is my girlfriend, and she's very much a blessing to me.
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My Interests

Basketball, basketball, basketball, basketball, piano, and lots of music.

I'd like to meet:

Jesus, My future wife and kids, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, D-Wade, LeBron, and Carmello, Gilbert Arenas, Chris Paul, Smokie Norful, Musiq Soulchild, Floetry, and lots of superstars Tests Quiz Your Friends Rate Pics Jokes Poems Stories Chat Polls Users
how long have you played bball? since i was two
who do you wanna/ or try to play like? jordan, kobe, lebron, wade, gilbert, cp3
what is your number and why? 3, im the third richard in my family
fav bball movie? he got game
do you have handles? of course ima guard
have you ever been dunked on? yep
can you dunk? yessir
are u deadly from beyond the arc? ooh yea
do you put ppl on lock down with your d? i can but my main focus is offense
what shoes do you roc? kobe's, wades, any b-ball shoe
do you hate practice? practice makes perfect
Pick a Clutch: Robert Horry, Kobe, or Tracy McGrady kobe is dat nigga
fav and 1 street ball player? spyda
fav bball legend? jordan
fav college team? duke
fav college player? jay williams
fav nba team? lakers, and cleveland
fav nba player? kobe, wade, lebron
should there be an age minimum in the nba? no, if you can play, who gives a fuck
Melo or LeBron? lebron, sorry melo, u still my nigga
if you could play with 4 other ppl who would they be? kobe, jordan, kareem, and magic
Pick a little big guy: Earl Boykins, Nate Robinson, Jameer Nelson nate can bounce wit it
Pick a Shooter: JJ Redick, Salim Stoudamire, Gerry McNamara jj redick, white boys can do nothin but shoot. lol. jk
Lakers of 2000s or Bulls of the 90s? bulls, sorry lake show
Pick a PG: Aaron Miles, Chris Paul, Dee Brown cp3, just look at the other guard's stats
Which Conf is the strongest PAC 10, BIG 12, ACC, SEC, BIG EAST? acc
Best player you have ever played against? cory fisher from newjersey
Biggest upset in 05 bracket: Kansas/Bucknell, Syracuse/Vermont, WVA/Wake kansas/bucknell
should college athletes get paid? nah son

First Name: Richard
Middle Name: Lee
Birthday: June 17, 1988
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Fav color: don't have one
Day/Night: day and night
Fave Food: chicken/mac and cheese
Do you ever wish you had another name? yessir
Do you like anyone? of course
Which one of your friends acts the most like you? cory mc.mahon
Who's the loudest? me of course, im black
Who have you known the longest of your friends? Otis, diaper days mayn
Who's the shyest: cory's white ass
Are you close to any family members? yep
When you cried the most: after losing a pivotal game of basketball
What's the best feeling in the world: being loved
Worst Feeling: being sick as shit
Let's walk on the: moon
Let's run through: this shit and get it over wit. lol
Let's look at the: replay and u decide whether if it is or aint. lol
What a nice: shot.
Where did all the: hatred come from?
Why can't you: just do you and ima do me?
Silly, little: wabbit
Tell me: wutchu thinkin.
Ran away from home: nah
Pictured your crush naked: of course
Skipped school: yep
Broken someone's heart: no
Been in love: yessir
Cried when someone died: yep, all the time
Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: no, i aint that desperate
Done something embarrassing: yep, that's me
Done a drug: nah
Cried in school: yea
Your Good Luck Charm: she know who she is
Person You Hate Most: don't hate, congratulate
Best Thing That Has Happened: meetin my girl
Ice Cream: vanilla
WHO Makes you laugh the most: all my friends
Makes you smile: family/girl
Has A Crush On You: i dont even wanna know.lol
Do You Have A Crush On Someone: no
Fallen for your best friend?: wtf kinda question is that
Made out with JUST a friend?: no
Kissed two people in the same day?: no
Had sex with two different people in the same day?: yalls trippin now
Been rejected: . yes
Been in love?: yes
Been used?: yes
Done something you regret?: yes, yes, yes, half of the world already knows my story
Cheated on someone?: no
Been called a tease: no
You touched?: mama
You talked to on the phone?: my girl
You hugged?: my mama
You instant messaged?: dont do that shit
You kissed?: my girl
You yelled at?: Cory, for cheatin in a video game
Who text messaged you?: my girl
Who broke your heart?: who cares
Who told you they loved you?: who the hell do you think



Anything and Everything. Piano especially. I also play the drums, I've been doin that since I was three


coming to america, Friday, Anchorman, Talladega Nights, He Got Game


NBA Basketball and college Basketball, Fresh Prince, Martin, Jamie Foxx, ESPN News


slam magazine, jet magazine, everything else is for school, so u know i hate it. lol


Mike Jordan, superman, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, D-Wade, Mike Tyson, and my Parents, of course