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About Me

this ya boi antwan. 19, high school graduate, bout 2 get that promotion at work, thangs look good fo a nigga. i held out of this myspace thang fo a while cause i aint tink it was shit. but now that im here i c real dime pieces. if u a dime piece holla atcha boi. i aint bout no fake shit and if u aint bout no fake shit holla at me. a nigga tryin 2 b a rappa im still n tha basement wit mi shit though. but me and everybody dat heard me kno wuz up.p.s. if u c holla atch boi on a message i sent u i think u a dime so holla atcha boi if u got 1

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My Interests

a nigga love to play basketball most of all. if not that ill play a lil football. ya boi into all sports 2 b honest. if i aint playin sports im makin music. writin songs or makin beats.

The Bull
People Iced: Twenty Eight
Car Bombs Planted: Three
Favorite Weapon Shank
Arms Broken: Eleven
Eyes Gouged: Twenty Six
Tongues Cut Off: Two
Biggest Enemy: Ruprick
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I'd like to meet:

i wanna meet a female thats bout her shit. she gotta know she bad but dont thogh it n a nigga face. she gotta b real, i dont allow no fake shit round me. she cant b insecure bout herself eitha. she gotta have some kind of confidence. her body gotta b rite, i dont like sloppiness. oh yeah the most important thang is she gotta talk. i hate when a chick aint sayin shit keep her mouth closed while i got this hot ass phone on tha side of mi face killin mi cell battery. so just open yo mouth imma hear ya, i promise.


i listen 2 rap mostly. lil wayne jay z cassidy scrappy lloyd banks game ludacris field mob 2pac juelz santana. u kno dem niggas wit lyrics... and most important... myself. check out my stuff and tell me wat u think


any nigga like me gone tell u scarface is tha best movie they eva seen. but besides that i like "scary" movies. i put quoats cause i aint eva seen a movie that sceared me, they all make me laugh. i like comidies cause i like 2 laugh.


i dont watch much tv but when i do i watch rap city (2 c who gone b n tha booth), 106 & park, yo moma, espn, and any game thats on i dont care who playin, any funny shows



my heroes gotta start wit jordan. if it wasnt fo him a lil nigga woulda neva picked up a b-ball. gotta give it up fo the leaders of the civil rights movement M.L.K., X. even though they bouth had different views (M.L.K.: "non violent", X.: "by any means...") they stood fo tha same thang.

My Blog

Check out this myYearbook Battle!

Posted by Antwan on Tue, 09 Oct 2007 06:31:00 PST

Check out this myYearbook Battle!

Posted by Antwan on Tue, 09 Oct 2007 06:31:00 PST

check out my music page

check out my music page... or jus listen 2 da song on my page cuz i only got 1 song on my music page... tell me at u think of it id really appreciate da feed back... 1
Posted by Antwan on Sun, 20 May 2007 02:10:00 PST

Check Me Out (

ok, young boy, sick flow, grip dough, slip? no/ got em addicted 2 my rhymes cuz i spit blow/ shit no i aint fall down 4 nuttin/ end of desucssin, im standin for somethin/ im all about that cake, u dem...
Posted by Antwan on Sat, 24 Mar 2007 10:57:00 PST

Gimmie Da Belt

listenin 2 u lames rhyme tells me its game time/bang all yall at tha same time, get u thrown up like gang signs/u cant measure up 2 tha kid cuz/im nice when i write like BIG was, and im tight like big...
Posted by Antwan on Wed, 21 Feb 2007 11:51:00 PST

Freestyle- (How I View My City)

i represent tha A like i was promotin tha place/where anybody could die if they had tha wrong look on they face/got hosters on tha beltbuckles guns hooked on they waist/and hatas like puzzle pieces th...
Posted by Antwan on Fri, 09 Feb 2007 02:05:00 PST