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I am here for Dating, Serious Relationships and Friends

About Me

Hi! After learning new insights based on the book- You & Your Personality by Roberta Larga Omas-as, I can describe myself as: A Chinese-Filipino, Single, Friendly, Sincere, (Thoughtful, Warm, Affectionate(",)- Expressing Innermost Thoughts & Feelings, Focused, Reassuring & Working for The Right Relationship), An Introspective/ Reflective, believes in Quality Relationship (Inspired by God for such relationship as every Person deserves) and One's Inner Qualities are likened to Personal Gifts/ Attitudes one gives/ shares towards another). Whatever Good Qualities shall I gladly shared with her with Equal Respect thru Prayer, Work, & any Self-Improvement will still be Dedicated firstly to God's Inspiration +(",)as HE can be in the middle of the relationship(",@+(",)and secondly to the relationship itself as . THE SUCCESS IN A RELATIONSHIP IS NOT WHAT IT IS DESTINED TO BUT WHAT THE PARTIES IN A RELATIONSHIP ARE DETERMINED TO...My Personal Principle remains - ONE Life, ONE Family simply bec. My Ardent Desire is To Make My Personal LIFE MISSION, A Personal Fulfillment & Legacy In My Lifetime (An Intangible & Real Deep Joy) however such Personal Attitude wasn't highly regard by her in the past . When needed, I can also be a Listener whether emotionally/ spiritually & exchange insights. ENJOYS Tri-media infotainment including AM/ FM band, (IM) Instant Messaging, Chatting, Body Spa, Nature, Chinese fresh noodles/lumpia/ lumpiang shanghai, siopao, buchi, hopia, mooncake, Japanese yakisoba/tempura, chicken burger, danggit, tuna, pork & beans, biko, maja blanca, banana chips, pili/ cashew nuts, brown sugar, double dutch/ rocky road ice cream, halo-halo, wheat bread, waffle, pancake, vanilla cake roll/cookies/ milk shake, black forest, pasta, pizza, macaroni salad, almond cereal/cookies, apple/kiwi/sugar cane juice, coconut nectar, melon, mango, avocado, buko/ fruit salad, walnut milk, hot choco, honey, special bouffet =). Visits at times, the Adoration Chapel. DISLIKES speculating, tactlessness, tasteless/ toilet humor prog, labelling, & sensational journalism! :p

My Interests

Making & Meeting Friends, Sending Instant Messaging (",)(",@, Surfing The Internet For Research, Reading Self-Help/ Introspective Books, Likes Tri-Media Infotainment - Listening to FM Band, AM Band (News Info). Reads Self-Help/ Non-Fiction Books, Favorite Speakers - Author Dr. Tomas Andres, Franciso Colayco, Broad Sheet Columnist Bob Garon, Radio Host Earnest Tan, Motivational Francis Kong, Spiritual Fr. Odon De Castro, Pastor Ed Lapiz, Fr. Anton Pascual, Radio Host Bal Domingo, Heidi Sison, & the Late Sen. Raul S. Roco (", )

I'd like to meet:

A.)GOD - hopes HE embraces me... & Converses with me . B.)Special Someone & "My Timeless Inspiration" I like to clearly state my PURPOSE To Share with her A Sincere & Warm Friendship From The Very Start.Charming (is in the eyes of the beholder which I agree); as I will deeply appreciate her as A Person with ANY of her given Inner Qualities or Core Values developed on her own. These are likened to the Shining Stars or Her Personal Gifts to another), like having the spirit of being H U M B L E , Sincere, Optimist, Understanding, God-fearing/Spiritual, Responsible, Faithful, Family-Oriented & Values-Driven (Values In Terms of Self-Awareness & Awareness of Others/ Sensitive To Others), has Good Taste Sense of Humor, Convictions, Independent Decision-Making, Mutual Respect To A Relationship or WHATEVER I missed out about her which shows her Great ATTITUDE towards herself & others and all these are likely brought out because of her SIMPLE HUMILITY, Self-Knowledge or believes in Self-Improvement as such I will HONOR her traits All The Way With Passion! (",)


Listens to Romantic Duets, Nature Sounds, Boy Band, Religious, Acoustic, Instrumentals, RnB, OST, Slow Jam, New Wave, My Pers Favorites are Lea Salonga's Beautiful Version of Let's Stop & Talk Awhile, Afraid For Love To Fade, I Will Always Stay This Way In Love With You, True Color, Sunlight, The Prayer, The Gift, her Carpenters' You, We've Only Just Began, Disney Inspirational Songs - Go The Distance, You'll Be In My Heart. Isay Alvarez & Robert Sena's Duet of "Ikaw Ang Mahal Ko". :)


Watch Concert together with mother and aunt - Best of the Phils. Gala Concert, CCP Main Theater - Lea Salonga's 10/21 , Movies - Firewall, Notting Hill, Fluke, Joseph - King of Dreams, Bruce Almighty, Rush Hour, Die Hard I, to name a few. :)


IF ONLY AVAILABLE - ONE Morning!, TELE-Dyaryo, IWatch News, Just For Laughs Gags, Philippine Idol, 24, Criminal Minds (Behavioral Analyst Unit), The Apprentice, Charmed, Smallville, CSI-Las Vegas/Miami, Without A Trace, Cold Case, Bitag Extreme, 7th Heaven, MTV, Oprah, Digital Tour, Natl. Geographic Channle, Worst Case Scenario, Batman Beyond, Justice League/ Unlimited (",)


You & Your Personality by Miss Roberta Larga Omas-as, ALSO TAKES TIME TO READ Motivational Books, Health/Biz News/References (",)


My Grandfather & father - whom I give credits in inspiring me to become faithful to just one person. (",), The Holy Family, Pope John Paul II, Saint Mother Theresa, and Political Icon - Former Raul S. Roco

My Blog

Right & Positive Attitude (", )

I read this & it is surely worth sharing as a self-reminder -  Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens; Not by what life brings to us; but by t...
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