HeY! I'm SiNgLe...IM mE iF U ThInK I'm HotT!

About Me

I luV 2 fLiRt, ChEeR, Do My HaIr, sInG, tAlK, n BrOoM (lol) I Have a lot of friends...some of my bestest ones are Whitney, Kaylan, Kassie, Karly, Missa, Neenay, and Katie! I also luvvvvvvv 2 shop! and specialy flirt! haha

My Interests

Cheerleading, Flirting, Brooming with Kaylan in Tech! lol

I'd like to meet:

uh...Marshall Mathers!!! :)


Rap, R&B, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Some Pop, n thas bout it..anything but country basically!


Night of the Twisters, War of the Worlds, The Sandlot, The Goonies, Signs, Scary Movie, Scary Moive 1, Scary Movie 2, Scary Movie 3, ... soon Scary Movie 4, a lot more


I like to watch it a lot .... myy favorite shows are Full House, Room Radiers, Yo Mamma, basically anythin on MTV!!!


R U kidding me?! i hate books....sept A child called it series


Don't think I have any...sept Doug (r.i.p.) and my bro Jack