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I'm attending Indiana State University to major in nursing. Then I want to join the air force as a neonatal or midwife nurse. I pretty much wont do anything in college except work and classes. But I do go home on weekends hopefully so that I can see my family and friends. I can't wait until next semester. It's going to be so awesome. I am also going to be in Air Force ROTC this fall.

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college college college...lol not much time for anything else

I'd like to meet:

Anyone who would love to meet me!! I'm not looking for a guys..I'm just going to play the waiting game when it comes to this ;) But my friends are seriously becoming a huge part of my life. So be one!


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I love family guy,south park, american dad, heroes, CSI,robot chicken, and lost


I like the harry potter series and books by Dan Brown and Robert Cook. flags of our fathers, band of brothers, 'Tis


these people have shaped the human race over the past 100 years. in my eyes that makes them heroes. these people have made their mark on the world for the better.Muhammad Ali, The American G.I., Diana, Princess of Wales, Anne Frank, Billy Graham, Che Guevara, E. Hillary & T. Norgay, Helen Keller, The Kennedys, Bruce Lee, Charles Lindbergh, Harvey MIlk, Marilyn Monroe, Mother Teresa, Emmeline Pankhurst, Rosa Parks, Pelé, Andrei Sakharov, Jackie Robinson, Bill Wilson.

My Blog

bye bye

well summer is drawing to a close for me. for many of you it already has. im about to leave the big F.L. for the first time. i just want everyone to know that i am going to miss all of you sooo much. ...
Posted by {*~BaLeE DaWn~*} on Tue, 14 Aug 2007 06:34:00 PST

new job!!

yay!! i finally got a new job! i am now a cook at the west baden resort..yay!! i start on the 19th. full time..
Posted by {*~BaLeE DaWn~*} on Sat, 03 Mar 2007 10:34:00 PST

amazing week!!

this week has been so great!!! first thing on tuesday i get to see my first birth at the hospital. it was so incredible.. i got my tax check this week.. which means that im not in the hole anymore. lo...
Posted by {*~BaLeE DaWn~*} on Sat, 17 Feb 2007 08:08:00 PST


I feel so fantastic. Today was my first day interning over at the hospital. It was so much fun! I am going to love doing this so much. This really is what I want to do when I am on my own. I learned s...
Posted by {*~BaLeE DaWn~*} on Wed, 03 Jan 2007 01:48:00 PST

to everyone close to me

I can not explain to people how incredibly happy I am now. I have to let it all out somehow, so here it goes.     The past month of my life has been really stressful and yet very f...
Posted by {*~BaLeE DaWn~*} on Mon, 25 Dec 2006 08:09:00 PST

stupid people

i just talked to an air force recruiter and he is a horrible recruiter! when i talked to the marine recruiter he was so much better. he was so excited and really wanted me to join. this air force recr...
Posted by {*~BaLeE DaWn~*} on Fri, 11 Aug 2006 08:57:00 PST