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But the running boy is inside every man. No matter how old he gets.

About Me

I'm 27 going on 14...seriously. I am the most immature person that I know. And I'm fine with that. You know what...the word poop is funny no matter how old you are. Say it right now...poop. See, I bet you laughed a little. If you didn't, you have no soul! Your results:
You are Hulk Hulk 85% Spider-Man 70% Robin 58% Iron Man 55% Superman 45% The Flash 45% Green Lantern 45% Supergirl 38% Batman 30% Catwoman 30% Wonder Woman 18% You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.
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My Interests

Mountain biking, fishing, backpacking, travel, music, good movies, bad movies, even worse movies, Irish history, politics, world news, good beer, not so good beer, bad beer, drink it so long as it is still wet beer, ROAD TRIPS, the list goes on, and is subject to change without notice...
You're 95% Irish
Congratulations, you're a shining example of an Irish lass (or lad).
There's hardly anyone more Irish than you! How Irish Are You?

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Some kind of people...

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Dave Matthews Band, John Lee Hooker, The Who, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Miles Davis, The White Stripes, Otis Redding, Black 47, OAR, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Greatful Dead, Robert Randolf and the Family Band, Eric Clapton, Derek and the Dominoes, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and Heartbreakers, The Band, this list could go on forever. I pretty much listen to everything.......


Master and Commander, Hunt for Red October, High Fidelity, American Beauty, Crash, The Stars Wars movies, the Indiana Jones Movies, Old School, Anchorman, Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Lethal Weapon 1-3, The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Big Fish, Forrest Gump, Attack of the 50 Foot Centerfold, Batman Begins, again this list could go on forever......


South Park, Scrubs, Family Guy, The History Channel I will watch anything the history channel is airing, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, I am sure there is something I'm forgetting here.......


yea books are good


The 1982 St. Louis Cardinals, The 2006 St. Louis Cardinals