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About Me

I am a independent black woman with a great personality with a good head on my shoulders. I have a very creative mind as an up an coming author. I am a fun and lovable person, who enjoys life itself. I am extremely motivated to handle whatever comes my way. a b o u t y o u - g i r l s.<3
Name:: Katonda
Age:: 36
Birthdate:: July 20
Birthplace:: Washington,DC
Location:: Charlotte, NC
Hair Color:: Brown
Eye Color:: Brown
Weight:: less than 200
Height:: 5 10
Braces?: no
Glasses/contacts?: no
Freckles?: no
Scars?: yes
Style:: casual
Food:: Spaghetti
Drink:: Dr Pepper
Store(s):: Walmart
Color(s):: Yellow
Shoe Brand:: all types
Clothing Brand(s):: anything cute
Purse Brand(s):: anything cute
Coke/Pepsi:: both
Bikini/One Peice:: one piece
Love/Money:: both
Resturant/Fast Food:: resturant
Boy/Girl:: girl
Pop/Water:: pop
Dogs/Cats:: dogs
Abercrombie/Walmart:: walmart
Night/Day:: day
Sun/Rain:: sun
Have You Ever
Cried in school:: yes
Laughed so hard you peed:: yes
Seen your best friend naked:: yes
Taken a shower with someone:: yes
Been drunk:: yes
Smoked:: yes
Cried on someones shoulder:: yes
Let someone cry on your shoulder:: yes
Slept in bed with same sex:: yes
Used the bathroom in front of a friend:: yes
Do You
Smoke: yes
Do Drugs: no
Drink: yes
Cry often: no
Change in front of your friends: yes
Talk about private things with friends: yes
In the Opposite Sex
Favorite eye color:: any
Favorite hair color:: any
height:: tall
weight:: not too big, not to small
drink/smoke:: drink (socially)
drugs:: heck no
tatoos:: no more than 2 or 3
peircings:: ears only
style:: suave
The last.
person you hugged:: a friend
person you kissed:: a friend
person you talked to:: co workers
time you cried:: yesterday (happy tears)
time you laughed:: today
thing you bought:: a salad
person you yelled at:: my dog
person you said i love you to:: my mother
person you told you they loved you:: my mother
person you hit:: no one
thing you drank:: a margarita
thing you ate:: a salad
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My Interests

I'd like to meet:

I'd like to meet someone who is as creative as myself, who has a great personality. Most importantly, no one who is full of games. "Tricks are for kids!"

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