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About Me

I'm a very laid back person....I love to have a great time, meet new people, and experience new things.

My Interests

History is one of my main interests. To be more specific Asian history. I'm going to school in hopes of vastly improving my knowledge when it comes to certain cultures, how they developed over the ages, and how their culture has flurished or declined due to the development of it's own systems. I want to be able to study abroad eventually in either China, Japan, or Korea, but I guess that will have to wait until I get into a four year college. History is truely one of my biggest passions!

I'd like to meet:

I want to meet poeple who are interested in Asian cultures, Yanar Tas, Gackt...yumm... Great down to earth friends... Genghis Kahn... King Ramses....Layout Provided By - Myspace Layouts


I love almost any type of music as long as it catches my interest. I like a lot of foreign bands too. Some of my favorite bands are Taebin, Wheesung, Bi (Rain), Se7en, and Seo Taiji. Jack Johnson and James Blunt are pretty amazing too!
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I would have to say all I really watch are the history channel, history channel international, and adult swim. Yay...what a wonderful combination!


I enjoy a lot of fantasy books such as the Dragon Lance series and the Harry Potter books. I must say though that my favorite type of books are mangas. Red River, Inuyasha, Vampire Game, and Hot Gimmick are some of my favorites. Historical novels are also really great!


I would actually have to say that my family and many of my friends are my heroes. Also, people who can influence the course of history with their words and action rather than violence.