Eli;(NSU)Coll3g3 Bound Official Page!!!!! profile picture

Eli;(NSU)Coll3g3 Bound Official Page!!!!!

Girl You Should Take Me As I Am, Cause I'm Happy You're My Girl, @nd You Should Be Happy I'm Your Ma

About Me

a b o u t y o u s.<3
Name:: Eli Jackson
Age:: 19
Birthdate:: April 11, 1989
Birthplace:: Florida
Location:: Jacksonville
Hair Color:: Dark Brown
Eye Color:: Brown
Weight:: 215
Height:: 6'1
Braces?: Nope
Glasses/contacts?: Thinking About It
Freckles?: Nope
Scars?: Yeah
Style:: Clean
Food:: Almost Anything Chicken/ Lasaugna
Drink:: Powerade/Gatorade/Fruit Punch
Store(s):: Footlocker/Polo Outlet/Old Navy
Color(s):: Red/Black
Shoe Brand:: Nike
Clothing Brand(s):: Polo/ Old Navy/ Roca Wear
Purse Brand(s):: What The Ham @nd Cheese!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!
Coke/Pepsi:: Neither
Bikini/One Peice:: Doesn't Matter
Love/Money:: You Can Always Get Money, But Love Is Hard To Come By!!!!!!
Resturant/Fast Food:: Doesn't Matter
Boy/Girl:: What Type Of Question Is That!!!!!!, A Girl Of Course!!!!!!
Pop/Water:: Water
Dogs/Cats:: Dogs
Abercrombie/Walmart:: Both
Night/Day:: Both
Sun/Rain:: Sun
Have You Ever
Cried in school:: Yeah, Winning My First Wrestling Match
Laughed so hard you peed:: No, But Milk Out My Nose!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!
Seen your best friend naked:: Yeah, A Girl!!!!!!
Taken a shower with someone:: ......!!!!!!
Been drunk:: Yeah
Smoked:: Yeah
Cried on someones shoulder:: Yeah
Let someone cry on your shoulder:: Yeah
Slept in bed with same sex:: Hell To The No!!!!!!
Used the bathroom in front of a friend:: No
Do You
Smoke: ......!!!!!!
Do Drugs: Hell No
Drink: ......!!!!!!
Cry often: Nope
Change in front of your friends: Nope
Talk about private things with friends: Hell No
In the Opposite Sex
Favorite eye color:: Hazel,Brown, Green Or Blue
Favorite hair color:: Golden Brown, Brown,Blonde Or Dark Black
height:: Doesn't Matter, But Good If Shorter Than Me
weight:: Doesn't Matter, As Long As Their Personality Is Straight Though!!!!!!
drink/smoke:: Not Too Much!!!!!!
drugs:: No
tatoos:: Yeah/ Doesn't Matter
peircings:: Yeah/ Doesn't Matter
style:: Clean
The last.
person you hugged:: My Ex-Girlfriend
person you kissed:: What For!!!!!!, But Next Question
person you talked to:: My Brother Quinten
time you cried:: Winning My Last High School Wrestling Match
time you laughed:: Watching The Movie, Semi-Pro
thing you bought:: A Polo Collar Shirt
person you yelled at:: My Brother
person you said i love you to:: A Girl I Though I Loved
person you told you they loved you:: A Girl That Liked Me
person you hit:: My Brother
thing you drank:: Powerade
thing you ate:: A Baked Chicken Sandwich

My Interests

My Main Interestes In Life Are Church, School, Football, Wrestling, @nd Doing Personal Training!!!!!!

I'd like to meet:

I Would Love To Meet Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, Cael Sanderson, John Smith, Dan Gable, Rampage Jackson, Bernie Mac, @nd Dave Chapell ..


I Enjoy Listening To Hip-Hop, Rap, Gospel, Gospel Rap,@nd R&B!!!!!!


My Favorite Movies Are Any Sports Movie, The Second Hulk Movie, All The Fridays Movies, And Any Movie With Will Ferrel In It!!!!!!


Ultimate Fighters/Cage Fighting(Anything Related To UFC!!!!!!:), The Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond, Malcolm @nd Eddie, Sports Center/ESPN, The Family Guy, Martin, @nd The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air!!!!!!


What the Ham @nd Cheese sandwich Is That!!!!!!LMFAO!!!!!!


GOD, Mom, Brothers(Caleb,Izzy,Warren,Quinten,Markel,@nd James!!!!!!),Friends!!!!!!