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God's ability to bring His will to pass in your life is determined by your faith in Him and in His W

About Me

First off, HELLOOOO!!! I am wonderfully blessed with EVERYTHING I could ever need. I have a wonderful family that I love SO much! We get together for every birthday, holiday, and even just some dinners. Since I have left Dahlonega, I have come to appreciate them and old friends, so much more than I ever did. I LOVE YOU GUYS! and OF COURSE the Winder clan too :-) I moved away to obtain a job I absolutely LOVE and was blessed with. I've been blessed with the opportunity to buy a house and I LOVE decorating and painting and fixing little things. I am EXTREMELY independant and the extent that I cannot hide my feelings from showing through on my face, sometimes that's a good thing and sometime's it's not. I used to have a hard time asking for help and have recently learned that up until this point, my life has been much too complicated becasue of that one issue...It's ok to ask for help, we are here to help one another! I LOVE: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; My family and friends; random trips, I really want to go to Greece!; Building things, I made my own dinning room table!; making dresses, I'll get better :-); Home Depot and Lowes!; Shopping; DIXIE and BRAXTON; Wal-Mart; Throwing surprise birthday parties!!!; Target; My house; My car; A nice and quiet day by myself (FINALLY IM ABLE TO DO THAT AND ENJOY IT---REALLY!!); The pool; Diet Dr. Pepper; Grilled Chicken Salad with lite Ranch dressing from ZAXBYS! (If they would sell Diet Dr. Pepper that would be wonderful!); BMW's; Starbucks; and just about anything else EXCEPT: Getting drenched in pouring down rain; scary movies; My messy office that I could be cleaning right now if it weren't for myspace!; Chain emails; Wet hair on your face (EWW!!); Brussel sprouts; and you get the point! SO I've rambled on and on yet again, SO ..... I hope you ALL have the best day of your life today! God Bless and I Love you!!!

My Interests

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Anything ....except elevator music and punk rock. But I must say 104.7 is the best station by really does make ANY day brighter!


Anything... again with the exception of scary movies (unless its named Scary Movie ;-)The last scary movie I saw had emily and rose in it and, yeah, I vowed NEVER to watch another scary movie again. One of the most funniest movies EVER, by far, is Nacho Libre. I recommend it if you want to fall over crying in the floor from laughing so hard!!! But only watch it once...the second time needs to be a rental. The Ballad of Ricky Bobby it HYSTERICAL, you just can't beat the invisible fire!!


Well Grey's Anatomy is still numero uno BUT 24 ROCKS! This is my first season watching and Im REALLY happy im on first shift so I can catch it....Um, re-runs of Dawson's Creek... and thats happy to say im cheap and dont pay for more than basic cable :-)


Jesus Christ, my mom, my daddy, my family and friends. It's strange how you just meet people one day and they change your never know who you'll run into next so be prepared, it could be a life changing experience.
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5 parts beauty
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add a little sadness if desired!

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