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my name is alejandra, but most people either call me ali, ale, or jandis. i love mangas!!!!!!!!!!!! especially shoujo or yaoi. i really love being outside and staring at the sky. i also like to look at bodies of water and the fish that swim in them.i like greem plants, not so much flowers.when i clean, i tend to seperate everything into catagories. i'm not afraid of any animal,i like rats,scorpions, snakes, iguanas, taranchulas,dogs,the list goes on. i have a female dog named momo,but i call her moshmi.i don't eat meat.The only boy that i have truly loved in all levels was a boy that i have only met twice. i don't know his name and i forgot his eye color, but both times i saw him he looked like the sun. he had dirty blond hair and freckles. his smile was completely incredible,but no.....i still can't recall wether his eye color was brown or blue.hmmm.....i wish i had a picture of him so i could smile everyday. although the boy i love looked like the sun.....i actually don't really like the sun. i feel far more alive at night. sadly, i'm afraid of the dark. i didn't say my life made sense. it really doesn't, but i love the strangeness of my soul.

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anyone who is is actually themselves.

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