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About Me

I'm a dad. Not looking for anything, other than friends, and sharing interests.

My Interests

Movies, computers, outdoor stuff (can't wait to go white water rafting), classic cars, motorcycles, reading, partying with friends, romantic nights with Lisa, playing with my daughter and my pets, PS2, home improvements, shooting pool, throwing darts (Dave! Look out!), photography, swimming, jet skiing, boating (I'll have to get one of those things soon).

I'd like to meet:

Elisha Cuthbert (in secluded location), Megan Fox, Jennifer Love Huet.


QUEENSRYCHE! AC/DC, Led Zep, Saliva, Y&T, Deep Purple, 3 Doors Down, Judas Priest, Fuel, Rhythm Corps, Evenessance, Tangier, UFO, MSG, Staind, Steven Lynch, Revis, Shine Down, 3 Days Grace, Velvet Revolver, Default, Nickleback, Hinder, etc.


Lethal Weapon, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Van Wilder, Gladiator, Braveheart, South Park, Mad Max, X-Men, Kate and Leopold, Alien(s), Minority Report, Reign of Fire, Swordfish, Fast and the Furious, (1 & 2), Gone in 60 Seconds, Gumball Ralley, Blade, Better Off Dead, Gross Pointe Blank.....on and on....


The Shield, Mythbusters, Rescue Me, Ghost Hunters, Overhaulin'. The TV goes on very little at my house.....I miss Drew Carey and Titus, and the's on for PS2, DVDs, and my kid. The news is just so damn depressing....


R.A. Salvatore, Star Wars, Clive Barker, X-Files, Car Craft, Kevin J. Anderson, Maxim, Maximum PC, Michael Crichton