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Name: Sarah Mcardle------ Birthdate: 29/03/90----- Birthplace: Oldham...i think------ Current Location: Failsworth------ Eye Color: Blue------ Hair Color: Brown--------- Piercings: Nope ------ Tatoos: nah------ Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Indeedy ------ Overused Phraze: Wally------ FAVORITES------ Food: Pizza------ Candy: erm would have to be galaxy promises :D------ Number: 6------ Color:Blue!------ Animal: Dog------ Drink: Fanta fruit twist------ Alcohol Drink: ------ Bagel: er..cheese------ Letter: S------ Body Part on Opposite sex: Draw - Bummy lol------ This or That------ Pepsi or Coke: pepsi------ McDonalds or BurgerKing: Mcfronolds------ Strawberry or Watermelon: icky! neither thankyouu------ Hot tea or Ice tea: i like it hot------ Chocolate or Vanilla Vanilla------ Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Coffee------ Kiss or Hug: Both :D------ Dog or Cat: Dogs----- Rap or Punk: Punk ------ Summer or Winter: Summer...(with abit of winter thrown in)------ Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Funny------ Love or Money: Love!!!------ YOUR...------ Bedtime: cant say i have one..whenever my head hits my pillow i guess----Most Missed Memory: ahh i have lots------ Best phyiscal feature: Guess!------ First Thought Waking Up: depends on whether or not i have college that day...grr------ Goal for this year:dont do lazy------ Best Friends: they know who they are------ Weakness: being tickeled..aah id rather someone stab me continuously than tickle me!------ Fears: Dont really have any fears either...------ Heritage: British!------ Longest relationship: 1 1/2 years------ HAVE YOU...------ Ever Drank: obviously------ Ever Smoked: nah its too icky------ Pot: :O never------ Ever been Drunk: well if ive drank..then obviously ive been drunk..XP------ Ever been beaten up: Nah------ Ever beaten someone up: thought about it..hehe------ Ever Shoplifted: nah------ Ever Skinny Dipped: cant say i have ------ Ever Kissed Opposite sex: hmm, YES------ Been Dumped Lately: cant say i have----- IN A GUY/GIRL------ Favorite Eye Color: Blue or brown------ Favorite Hair Color: Brown Black Red ------ Short or Long: long------ Height: anyone thats taller than that narrows down..two people lol------ Style: just..nice------ Looks or Personality: bit off both------ Hot or Cute Both------ Drugs and Alcohol: Alcohol ------ Muscular or Really Skinny: Neither------ RANDOMS------ Number of Regrets in the Past: Loads------ What country do you want to Visit: America again---How do you want to Die: Fall from great hight------ Been to the Mall Lately--ive been to town yes lol--- Do you like Thunderstorms: NOO! i hate them..scary------ Get along with your Parents: cant say i do------ Health Freak: No------ Do you think your Attractive: i dont know------ Do you want Children: sure------ Have your future kids names planned out: nope------ Age you wanna lose your Virginity: ------ Hate anyone:maybe..muhaha------
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heyhey there, well this is my first blog cause im lazy and can never be bothered to type anything lol I am so bored! i finished college at like 10:30 and have just watched tv since i got home lol Any...
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