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"Smile Now You Know Where You Gotta Go Boy!"
"I Don't Want To Be A Zebra!"
Ok so this is 4 all u PWG fans around the Derby Area!!! We no they kick ass!!! hehe...
So we all love this Band.... They Rock more than ur mum!!! They are sound people on and off stage!! Who wouldnt love them!!
Patchwork Grace are an up and coming band from the East Midlands... it's hard to really put a label on their music but it's delivered with a style and an energy you have to see to believe...
Patchwork Grace. patch-work grace (pchwûrk grs) n. - sleazytrashyquirkyfuckedup -
stageshowpeepshowfreakshowpornosuicide -
After intro, so you know, it started a year or so ago. Love-hate-first-date-dunno-how-it’s-gonna-go kinda thing. New faces. Disgraceful how it's started lies and things now. Better now, taken our medicine (the good stuff), so we’ve let loose cut the strings, not guitar strings although it happens often, trying to get free a kind of alter-ego thing for me. Shows come and go but expect the difference like dolls made by hand. Every ones different and each is made with some kind of fucked love cause you neither love it or hate it... It’s just there. There’s no hope of escape from the escapism, you need it and feed on it and if you get a taste for it you’ll keep coming back for more.I don’t know how to describe Patchwork Grace, they’re just here because it’s what’s needed amongst this boring sterile shit today. Music? I wouldn’t say so... It’s so much more than that now, the whole animal thing? I don’t really know, it’s personal I suppose. No more questions… Just answers.

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"Milk Teeth"
The highly anticipated debut Album - Out Monday September 10th Pre order 'Milk Teeth' now from HMV , Virgin , Amazon
USA Orders - CD BabyMilk Teeth is the stunning debut album from Patchwork Grace, featuring the debut single Soap, which is available to download now from iTunes , Napster , Virgin , 3 Music , Juno , Tunetribe , 7 Digital , , , Woolworths and Tesco .

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Get ready for this - and spread the word!!!!!Saturday 14 June @ Derby Assembly RoomsPatchwork Grace / Black Market Goods / David Gibb / Derby Rock School + MORE!! £5 on the door, Doors at 6.30 pmAll a...
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Get SOAP - The new single by Patchwork Grace played on radio one

Get SOAP - The new single by Patchwork Grace played on radio one by texting 81199 requesting the track!SOAP will be available for download on iTunes from Monday 30 for more inf...
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get patchwork grace on RAM FM

Hey out PWG by heading over to and asking them to do a feature on Patchwork Grace!The more people do it...the more chance there is of them c...
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links to assembly rooms piccies

Here's some pictures from the assembly rooms - saturday 26th may 2007 g/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=388ENJOY! XXX
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Favourite local bands!?

What other bands from Derby does everyone like going to see?
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