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I am a licensed psychotherapist, certified relationship coach and founder of As a recognized expert, I've been quoted in many local and national publications including; The Chicago Tribune, The Orlando Sentinel, New York Daily News, Indianapolis Star and Newsweek newspapers and Family Circle, Cosmo Style, Tango, Men's Health, Star (regularly quoted body language expert), and People magazines. I have been featured on ABC news, Discovery Health, AOL news, MSN, and Match. I am also the featured relationship coach in “The Business And Practice Of Coaching,” ( Norton, September 2005); and the author of the forward for,” Winning Points With The Woman In Your Life, One Touchdown At A Time” (Simon and Schuster, November 2005). From March 2005 until December 2005, I was a weekly contributing commentator (love and dating coach) on the KTRS Radio Morning Show, (St. Louis, MO). I write a great dating advice newsletter, a column, called "Dear Dating Coach", and a blog called, "Dating News And All That Blog." Check out all my articles, advice, newsletter, quizzes and media quotes on

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Singles looking for love, singles who have great stories and wisdom to share, past TV (and real life) bachelors and bachelorettes who found love, folks who are interested in understanding interpersonal relationships and dynamics, relationship and dating experts, real people in relationships who are doing it right- and anyone who enjoys other people and values great relationships.

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The Hard Data Behaind Strong Relationships

Featured on the front page of The Washington Post last weekend, was a piece on a recent survey done by the Pew Research Center that included statistical findings on the factors that couples cite as mo...
Posted by on Sat, 07 Jul 2007 11:56:00 GMT

Dating news and All That Blog

"Age" and "Science of Love"June 27th, 2007 .. by Administrator --> Two nights ago the second segment of "Age of love" was on, followed by "Science of love." Must be the season for love& When I wat...
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A few evenings ago, I watched an episode of NCIS- which is a show that portrays (fictional) cases handled by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. It's an action drama with humor and an interesti...
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